Jon and Tony, 

We wanted to express our Thanks and Gratitude to all of the DeMartini employees that assisted us over the last several days, correcting issues with our 2017 Tuscany XTE. 

Mike, JP, Kevin, Jacob not sure if there were others that worked on our Coach that we were not aware of - but we were amazed at all that was accomplished in shrinking our list of things that needed attention. 

Again - Thank you to all and don't take this wrong, but hope not to see you for quite awhile!  

- Scott and Janice B.    
Las Vegas, NV

Thanks to Tim, Amanda and Brent DeMartini for treating us so well!. More power to your business Tim. We have been to many RV dealers from all over for years looking for "the RV" and I think your excellent customer service made an impact on us. It made a huge difference to be treated fairly like a family, no pressure and no gimmicks from the day we inquired over the phone. Didn't expect to be talking to the big Boss from day one and making sure everything is going well for us and accommodating our requests! You've been patient with all our inquiries and explained kindly to us what we really need to know. Amanda and Brent are getting their dad's business acumen and charisma as well! Brent did an awesome job with the walk through inside the coach and you finishing off the outside walk through and giving us more quality tips and information. But we're still counting on your promise to answer all our future questions. Nate made a good job too with the paperworks, he made it smooth and easy, answered our questions and carefully explained what we are signing for! I really hope we found true new friends in you guys in our next adventure in this lifetime ... in our next chapter with more of God's grace... our RV TRAVELS! By the way we are naming the RV "SHIRE"! Our good friend father John Erick will bless it tomorrow at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church IHM Brentwood and you're invited at Edgar's birthday celebration in Brannan Island State Park on Sunday! Thanks for the nice gift ... our special RV Kit! Thanks for another 100 dollars coupon from your RV store which will give us another reason to go back there soon! I really thank God for leading us to you and blessing us with great people around us! We have a new acronym for BERKSHIRE too... Beth & Edgar Rejoicing Kindness In SHIRE! -Your new friends, Edgar & Lourdes Lilibeth, Blessed New RV owners!

Lilibeth Albino's photo.
- Edgar & Lourdes    
Antioch, CA

Outstanding customer service! When you buy and sell as much as we do you know how a deal is supposed to be. Sheryl and Jon are excellent! No pressure and no BS. If the answer to my question wasn't known it was verified and they didn't guess.  

We went to surrounding dealers first and that was a complete waste of time.
Demartinin's was able to get us into a Toy Hauler with multiple offers when others couldn't.
They worked hard for us even though our purchase was small in comparison to the $250,000+ cost of some of their Motorhomes. They also wanted to be sure we were happy with the purchase for years to come! (via Yelp)

- J.T.    
Grass Valley, CA

Feel free to deal with these folks.  Their customer service is 2nd to none!   If there was 10 stars I would give it to them.  Finest quality coaches at competitive prices. Rodney was our guy and he went more than the extra mile for us. (via Yelp)

- Montana D.    
Pleasant Grove, CA

Mr. Tim DeMartini,

My Fiance and I are residents of Nevada City and are first time RV owners.We had some questions about up-grades and visited your Dealership on Monday..

While there, we had the best experience imaginable!

The gentlemen at the service counter were inviting, friendly and most of all - incredibly knowledgeable. Besides having the right equipment for the up-grades, they were thoroughly informative and completely diminished all off grid living concerns we had.  Every question we came up with, they answered and gave us options. All of the advice we received came from first hand experience.  I think this goes a long way as the last thing any solutions seeking customer wants to encounter is a sales pitch.  Our questions ranged from the following topics: on-demand tank-less water heating solutions, solar power electric systems, and towing our Prius.

We had some hesitations and concerns being first time RV owners.  After leaving your dealership we both felt we made friends with experts who would honorably service any off-grid or driving issues that we might encounter.

Before we exited the service department, Mike offered some words of wisdom in regards to owning an RV that were worth their weight in gold!  We walked out with big smiles in total confidence.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for running a business which made us feel our happiness, safety and well-being truly mattered. We are relieved to know we now have friends in the RV business to watch over us as we embark on our new journey.

Cheers to all of you for doing business the right way and going far and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you!

Markus and Lauren

(via Yelp)

- Markus    
Nevada City, CA

It took us the better part of 2 years to find the exact Class C Unit we wanted. I have a long story about how well DeMartini treated us. But in short, there is no other RV dealer in all of California I would ever go to again except DeMartini. They were the most accommodating to order a special unit for us, the best price, the best service and the best warranty work so far. We visited and or spoke to every RV dealer from San Diego to Portland and even some back east. No one even came close to the wonderful overall experience we had at DeMartini, and they are the only RV Full Service Dealer we will ever go back to. A well earned 5 Stars! (via Yelp)

- Zippity D.    
Morgan Hill, CA

Jon and Tim,

Well it is finally a DONE DEAL!

We had a fantastic trip back home, not because we were home but because the trip

getting here was a hoot in itself! She rides like silk over glass. We grimaced

every time we hit one of those California craters they call a pot hole! I know we

were not suppose to travel in the number 1 lane especially when towing but

I couldn't stand the beating she, our baby, was taking. I just hope our baby

accepted my many apologies.

Jon it was unbelievable going up the Grape Vine that I was telling you about.

We went into 4th gear and stayed there except where it flattened out a bit then

she would go back into 5th and sometimes back into 6th. I did what you said and

kept the pedal to the floor except on the flat parts. We hardly had any cars pass

us and definitely no trucks, pickups nor semi's even got close to us. WOW.

About 80 miles north out of Bakersfield there was a accident and had all South

bound traffic at a stand still for almost an hour. We never minded since we were

in our home and sitting comfortable!! The only issue we had was trying to get

the passenger's seat to lay back and have the foot rest come out. We will have

to study up on that since we still are dumbfounded with the idea.

We were finally able to fill up at a Chevron station just a bit south of Sacramento.

That wasn't as much fun as riding along. We had to call Chevron to allow us to

continue pumping until we were full. A couple of people, strangers, came up to

us during the filling and offered their sympathy for how much it must be costing

us. We just looked at them and smiled cause we knew what enjoyment we were

having riding our dream ship.

Robbie and I would like to thank you for the umpteenth time for hanging in there

with us and making this deal happen. It took a lot of trust for you two to hang in

there and believe that we would finish the deal. Jon you were my eyes in helping 

us make the necessary decisions. Thanks goodness you and we share the same


Well now I have to read up on how to work Robbies seat and hurry up and plan our

next fishing trip.

Well thank you for giving us our dream and hopefully our paths will once more meet

up for another good time.  

- Tom and Robbie    

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