Dear Sir,

We want to thank Jacob Cooke in Service.  We owned a small travel trailer from another company.  The storage door fell off while we were pulling it last summer. We came to DeMartini's Service Department where Jacob Cooke took care of us. Jacob stayed in touch with us by email and phone.  Jacob ordered and had a replacement door installed from the manufacturer. It took months of persistence on his part. Jacob was so helpful and consciencious, we wanted to buy our next travel trailer from DeMartini.  We just bought it Wednesday! Thanks to Jacob Cooke in Service!

We want to thank Cheryl Howard in Sales.  Cheryl was understanding and patient last year and this year helping us find the right travel trailer.  Twice, we thought we found the right one, only to wait a little longer.  Cheryl was helpful and polite with us each time we came in.  She showed us through several new Surveyor Travel Trailers.  We just bought ours Wednesday, and WE LOVE IT!  I'm glad we waited and found one that's perfect for us.  Thanks to Cheryl Heward in Sales!


Benny & Shirley

- Benny and Shirley    

Dear Mr. DeMartini,

We want to thank Richard Deraad for his customer service and patience while helping us pick out our new motor home.  

Due to his knowledge with the RV industry, hea was able to explain the different classes and styles of motorhomes.  He was very understanding in helping us decide which class of RV would fit our needs.  

We appreciate Richard's knowledge, the quality time he spent with us on details and questions as well as his no pressure demeanor.  All of these traits sold us on doing business with DeMartini RV Sales.

Kindest Regards,

Mike and Kathy T.

- Mike and Kathy T.    

I'd like to express our satisfaction & overall, Contentment with our purchase experience.  With first steps onto your property; a sense of Pride, Passion & Prestige were immediately present.

DeMartini has exceeded each of the numerous purchases we've made Throughout our 24 years as business owners. The professionalism & friendly ease of your salesmanship, Rodney, was a pleasure.  We thank you, because this held its place in the excitement & overall experience as we drove away (in our New Venetian.)  We also appreciate & find comfort in Knowing we may contact you anytime with questions or concerns.

 A professional relationship & trust was established quickly. As Tim DeMartini introduced himself & conversed awhile.   Proving true to my initial instincts of pride in ownership. Nice touch to feeling valued as a customer!

It is businesses like DeMartini RV Sales that set the Bar high above the rest.  

Thank you for exceeded expectations!

It was an unexpected Bonus!  

Much respect,
John & Julie

- John and Julie L.    

Dear Tim,

Sorry we missed you last week when we were in to pick up the new RV. It would have been nice to thank you in person.

We love our new RV and are very happy with the experience we had with DeMartini RV Sales. From start to finish we were treated like valued customers not potential sales quotas. I get to tell you, that is not the case everywhere. We would especially like to thank you for personally seeing to it that we got the Indigo paint – DeMartini style. It looks great!

We wholeheartedly thank you, Richard, Nate and all the behind the scenes folks that made our RV Dream come true. You can be sure we will be telling everyone how great DeMartini RV sales is to deal with.

Warm regards,

JoAnne and Steve

- JoAnne and Steve    
Santa Rosa, CA

Hi Tony,


I wanted to thank you and your staff for the great service experience today.  The technician very quickly diagnosed the problem and replaced both the TV and DVD player in our new Forester.  We were back on the road to continue our trip in less than one hour.  That is really outstanding service and makes us glad that we purchased our new RV from DeMartini RV.  

- Bob and Chris A.    

Jon and Tony, 

We wanted to express our Thanks and Gratitude to all of the DeMartini employees that assisted us over the last several days, correcting issues with our 2017 Tuscany XTE. 

Mike, JP, Kevin, Jacob not sure if there were others that worked on our Coach that we were not aware of - but we were amazed at all that was accomplished in shrinking our list of things that needed attention. 

Again - Thank you to all and don't take this wrong, but hope not to see you for quite awhile!  

- Scott and Janice B.    
Las Vegas, NV

Thanks to Tim, Amanda and Brent DeMartini for treating us so well!. More power to your business Tim. We have been to many RV dealers from all over for years looking for "the RV" and I think your excellent customer service made an impact on us. It made a huge difference to be treated fairly like a family, no pressure and no gimmicks from the day we inquired over the phone. Didn't expect to be talking to the big Boss from day one and making sure everything is going well for us and accommodating our requests! You've been patient with all our inquiries and explained kindly to us what we really need to know. Amanda and Brent are getting their dad's business acumen and charisma as well! Brent did an awesome job with the walk through inside the coach and you finishing off the outside walk through and giving us more quality tips and information. But we're still counting on your promise to answer all our future questions. Nate made a good job too with the paperworks, he made it smooth and easy, answered our questions and carefully explained what we are signing for! I really hope we found true new friends in you guys in our next adventure in this lifetime ... in our next chapter with more of God's grace... our RV TRAVELS! By the way we are naming the RV "SHIRE"! Our good friend father John Erick will bless it tomorrow at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church IHM Brentwood and you're invited at Edgar's birthday celebration in Brannan Island State Park on Sunday! Thanks for the nice gift ... our special RV Kit! Thanks for another 100 dollars coupon from your RV store which will give us another reason to go back there soon! I really thank God for leading us to you and blessing us with great people around us! We have a new acronym for BERKSHIRE too... Beth & Edgar Rejoicing Kindness In SHIRE! -Your new friends, Edgar & Lourdes Lilibeth, Blessed New RV owners!

Lilibeth Albino's photo.
- Edgar & Lourdes    
Antioch, CA

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