Jon and Tim,

Well it is finally a DONE DEAL!

We had a fantastic trip back home, not because we were home but because the trip

getting here was a hoot in itself! She rides like silk over glass. We grimaced

every time we hit one of those California craters they call a pot hole! I know we

were not suppose to travel in the number 1 lane especially when towing but

I couldn't stand the beating she, our baby, was taking. I just hope our baby

accepted my many apologies.

Jon it was unbelievable going up the Grape Vine that I was telling you about.

We went into 4th gear and stayed there except where it flattened out a bit then

she would go back into 5th and sometimes back into 6th. I did what you said and

kept the pedal to the floor except on the flat parts. We hardly had any cars pass

us and definitely no trucks, pickups nor semi's even got close to us. WOW.

About 80 miles north out of Bakersfield there was a accident and had all South

bound traffic at a stand still for almost an hour. We never minded since we were

in our home and sitting comfortable!! The only issue we had was trying to get

the passenger's seat to lay back and have the foot rest come out. We will have

to study up on that since we still are dumbfounded with the idea.

We were finally able to fill up at a Chevron station just a bit south of Sacramento.

That wasn't as much fun as riding along. We had to call Chevron to allow us to

continue pumping until we were full. A couple of people, strangers, came up to

us during the filling and offered their sympathy for how much it must be costing

us. We just looked at them and smiled cause we knew what enjoyment we were

having riding our dream ship.

Robbie and I would like to thank you for the umpteenth time for hanging in there

with us and making this deal happen. It took a lot of trust for you two to hang in

there and believe that we would finish the deal. Jon you were my eyes in helping 

us make the necessary decisions. Thanks goodness you and we share the same


Well now I have to read up on how to work Robbies seat and hurry up and plan our

next fishing trip.

Well thank you for giving us our dream and hopefully our paths will once more meet

up for another good time.  

- Tom and Robbie    

After 2+ years of research, RV shows, visiting dealership across the US, I can say that DeMartini RV is the BEST RV dealership on the planet. No hassle, No pressure, Huge inventory, Knowledgeable staff, great price, great services, best line of products ... Tim and Brent are fantastic - I highly recommend anyone looking for an RV to shop here! It's a long ass drive from civilization but totally worth it.

(via Yelp)

- Charles B.    
Belmont, CA

Hi Jon!

Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the Coach and it was a sheer pleasure for me to bring it home to Oregon  !

Brent did an outstanding job showing and demonstrating all the features on the Coach.  It was a nice surprise to find the 3rd slide in the bedroom.  Brent was a real gentleman and extended the utmost hospitality to me by offering me lodging and a vehicle to use while there while they bent over backwards to get the Coach the way I liked.  

Nate was a great person to do the financing with as that position doesn't usually come with having a good time but Nate made it most enjoyable !  A good time was had for sure.

Everybody in your dealership was very helpful with smiles , willingness and friendllyness just to mention Rob in parts, Billie in the office and Lloyd on the delivery to Reno.  But above all was  you Jon,  for setting up everything,  handling me on the  phone and helping me feel at ease about traveling that far to purchase a Coach, so, I thank you for everything.

As l have alway said, " you can buy anything anywhere but what seals the deal is doing all that where you are treated right "  and by all means, your  dealership fits that quote 100 %.

I am passing the word to everyone I meet who may become a customer of yours.

- Larry R.    

- Herb D. and Ruth P.    

Ione, CA

We had been looking around for a coach for almost a year and have been to a multitude of dealerships.  I found out about DeMartini RV from a forum online.  I visited their website and the exact deal we had been looking for was on their website.  I immediately called to see if it was still available.  I spoke with Nate Davey on the phone and he told me the coach was still available, asked if I had any questions about it, gave me their hours, and even helped me with directions.

When I arrived I was immediately greeted by a very nice lady who worked there and she directed me to Nate. The coach was in immaculate shape and Nate was extremely helpful.  After inspecting and driving the coach we decided to purchase it.  Nate told me they would get it all ready for us and we could pick it up shortly.  We left and decided to pick it up a few days later.

The day we picked up the coach Nate had everything ready for us.  We also visited their parts department and Rob was extremely helpful.  This being our first RV, Rob spent over 2 hours with us showing us what the different products were and how they worked.  They did have a pretty good selection in the showroom, but they also have a catalog that they can order almost anything from and they can probably get you anything available.  Before we left Nate had Mike, one of his head service guys walk us through the entire coach and show us how everything worked.  Understanding that this was our first RV he also explained to us how to hook up, service, dump the tanks, and a lot of the ins and outs.

We also purchased a rear view camera while we were there and made an appointment to come back and have it installed.  In between the install we used the RV and found a couple things that we thought should be fixed and quite a few we didn't understand.  When we came in, Nate immediately got Mike again (because we were comfortable with him) and explained our concerns to him.  Mike and Nate took us to the coach and explained to us how everything worked and even though the coach was "as is" when we bought it, they fixed the very small issues we had with no cost.

This has been one of the enjoyable experiences we have had in a VERY long time.  Everything about the dealership, the people that work there, and the coach feels extremely comfortable.  We will be recommending DeMartini RV to all of our friends and family and anyone we meet who asks about the coach.  Great job DeMartini RV, 10 thumbs up!!

(via Yelp)

- J.H.    
Colusa, CA

*Postcard from The Palmers*

Hello!  Just another note to say hello and thank you for helping us in so many ways--- steering us to the Georgetown.  We do NOT have the infamous RV-envy.  We think the Georgetown is a trooper.  Over 4,000 miles and we're still on the east coast!  It's a cousin reunion up and down this seaboard.  Heading west to family in Kansas in a week, then home.  Even the kitties (two cats) have loved the Georgetown.  Best to all of you!

- The Palmers    
East Coast

Hello Tim,

I wanted to make you aware of something in your Service Department.  We have been bringing our 2006 Camelot to DeMartini for service since Monaco went bankrupt.  We have had difficult repairs and easy repairs performed by your tech staff, everything from an inverter replacement to a door adjustment.  Some of this was under an extended warranty some, most recently, out of pocket cost to us.  Kevin and his staff have performed wonderfully during every appointment.  It was a confirmation of our trust in DeMartini when Kevin only needed to make a call to our extended warranty company and explain the problem to receive a go-ahead for repairs.  In speaking with other RVrs we understand other shops are not respected in this regard and require time consuming delays while waiting for someone from the warranty company to arrive.

Our most recent appointment is an excellent example of how well we are treated.  I made a service appointment in early May and subsequently needed to cancel due to a medical travel restriction placed on my wife.  At her next appointment the restriction was modified to "within 3 hours of Mountain View” and I attempted to reestablish my earlier appointment with Kevin.  No Joy.  The earliest he was able to schedule us was June 11.  My brother, who never leaves the state or WA, was taking an RV journey to Reno and agreed to meet us at the FairGrounds in Grass Valley.  We were there May 7 and 8 and took them for a tour of the Empire Mine grounds, NorthStar Museum AND DeMartini RV!!  While at DeMartini I dropped in on Kevin and asked if anyone had canceled an appointment….  He suggested I call back the next morning by 10, when I called, Kevin asked if I could be there by 11 and was able to take care of my service needs.  That is customer service and satisfaction.  I no longer needed to make arrangements to be back in Grass Valley in June.  

Thank you for employing such considerate and talented folks.  It has been and will continue to be a pleasure doing business with DeMartini thanks to Kevin and his crew.

- Bruce and Claudia C.    
Mountain View

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